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Double Deep 2-Column Wood Wine Rack for Splits

The Perfect Bulk Storage Option for Split Wine Bot

Double Deep 2-Column Wood Wine Rack for Splits

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Wood Species:
Pine Redwood Mahogany Rustic Chappo Cherry Chestnut Wheat Early American
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Splits come in 375ml bottles which is half of the standard 750ml wine bottles. If you plan to collect splits or already have a collection of these at home, then we recommend to you our Double Deep 2-Column Wood Wine Rack for Splits.

This wooden wine rack is specially designed to maximize storage space for splits or half bottles as it is built in double depth format, which means that you can store 2 bottles in a row, from front to back. It has a total storage capacity of 46 wine bottles with 23 rows and 2 columns.

Each bottle cubicle has opening of 3 inches, just enough for easy bottle access. Our bottle holders are considered the thickest and longest in the industry and we hand-sand them to make sure that no rough edges will ruin your wine's precious label.

Here at Coastal, we offer our wooden wine racks in 3 different wood choices and these are Malaysian Mahogany, Premium Redwood and Northwestern Pine, plus 6 wood stains to choose from such as Rustic, Cherry, Chestnut, Early American, Chappo and Wheat.

You can customize your wine cellar by combining this Double Deep 2-Column Wood Wine Rack for Splits with the other double deep wine rack designs we have in store for you such as the Double Deep Curved Corner Display Wine Rack and Double Deep Lattice Diamond Bin Wine Rack.

Stability of this wooden wine rack is ensured by installing dado cut stabilizer bars as well as a 1 1/2 inch toe kick at the base which elevates the wine rack off the floor and provides solid protection to your wine bottles.

For a free design consultation and quick quote, or if you have any questions, just contact Coastal Custom Wine Racks at (888) 735-8889 or email us at
Twice the bottle capacity as our standard racking kits

The Double Deep wine rack system is a great alternative to our standard kits because they allow you to stack two bottles per row - front to back.

They can be combined with other double deep units so you can create your own custom wine cellar and start with as many or as few pieces as you like.

Offered in Pine, Mahogany, Stained Mahogany and Premium Redwood
  • No unsightly hardware or plastic caps
  • Fits most 750 ml bottles
  • Some assembly required
  • Get a Quick Quote on your cellar project in 24 hours

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8 1/16 in.
74 1/8 in.
23 in.
Pine Wine Rack Wood Species


Redwood Wine Rack Wood Species


Mahogany Wine Rack Wood Species


Wood Species

Chappo Wine Rack Wood Stain


Cherry Wine Rack Wood Stain


Chestnut Wine Rack Wood Stain


Early American Wine Rack Wood Stain

Early American

Rustic Wine Rack Wood Stain


Wheat Wine Rack Wood Stain



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